Introduction to IBM Rational ClearCase

Training Summary
This course is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the architectural and functional capabilities of ClearCase with the specific objective of enabling students to use ClearCase in their operational environment effectively and efficiently. The course starts from the end user’s perspective of the typical person using ClearCase as part of their daily work, then moves on to a detailed and hands on examination of how to set up ClearCase projects and how to customize ClearCase to support the specific needs and requirements of a development team.
The course does not require any prior ClearCase knowledge; however basic knowledge covering at the command line, understanding files, permissions, and basic system process management is required. Experience with the one of the Unix shells is not necessary but is useful. Prior experience with software configuration management concepts is also useful.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for both end users and anyone either in or moving into an project administrative role who will be managing or supporting the use of ClearCase for a project team, especially for those who will be working in a hands on manner administering the product.
Course Topics
  • Mounting and unmounting VOBs in Unix and Windows.
  • Checking in, checking out and unchecking out elements; using keep files.
  • Understanding deltas, version numbers and version trees.
  • Creating and using a dynamic view in Windows and Unix.
  • Using ClearTool help facilities
  • Using ClearTool utilities like lsvob, lsview, etc.
  • Adding and removing elements from version control.
  • Using the view private area

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