Introduction to IBM Rational RequisitePro

Rational RequisitePro is the IBM Rational Suite tool for automating the organization, tracking and management of requirements. It allows requirements that are maintained in MS Word documents to be cataloged and indexed through RequisitePro, but it also allows user defined meta-data such as status, priority, who it is delegated to to be recorded for the requirements as well as automatically maintaining a change log of the actions taken for each requirement. RequisitePro is able to link or cross reference requirements, including those that are in parent-child relationships, to support traceability through the set of requirements. RequisitePro also has a view mechanism to allow different types of queries to be run against the requirements database.This course is an introduction to RequisitePro for those that have had no prior experience with the tool or minimal experience with requirements processes. The workshop starts with a review of the basics of requirements best practices in order to provide a conceptual framework for understanding how RequisitePro is used effectively in the workplace. Students are then led by the instructor though a hands on exploration of the features and interfaces of RequisitePro. The course concludes with a series of challenge exercises designed to build the student's familiarity and competence with RequisitePro and how it is used in typical situations they would normally encounter in their work environment.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who will be working with, supporting or using RequisitePro. This is an entry level course and presupposes no prior knowledge or experience of requirements or Rational Software.
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