Introduction to ISPF Dialog Management

This course is designed as an introduction to Dialog Manager for either MVS/TSO or VM/CMS environments. It provides the student with an overview of the terminology and structure of an ISPF dialog and using Dialog Manager Services with the REXX procedural language. Students are encouraged to pursue independent projects after they've completed the assigned projects.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for programmers who want to know more about REXX enhancements.

  • Introduction and overview of ISPF terminology
  • ISPF libraries and LIBDEF command
  • Using the ISPF model facility
  • Using the SELECT service
  • Using the DISPLAY service
  • ISPF panel definition
  • )ATTR section and keywords
  • )BODY section and keywords
  • )MODEL section and keywords
  • )INIT, )REINIT, and )PROC sections
  • )END section and documentation
  • ISPF built-in functions
  • ISPF statements
  • Defining Help/Tutorial panels
  • Using ISPF skeletons and file tailoring services

The student must have a working knowledge of ISPF and REXX in either the MVS/TSO or VM/CMS environments.

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