Introduction to JavaScript

Dynamic HTML (DHTML), a superset of existing HTML technology, represents a significant step in HTML evolution, giving web designers new capabilities and increased control. DHTML integrates cascading style sheets, scripting, and a comprehensive object model to allow web designers to create interactive web pages that run on the client's system, rather than from an embedded program executed on the web server. This course specifically focuses on the new scripting standard based upon the JavaScript language.
The student should have web page design using HTML training or equivalent experience and also have web browser experience (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator/Communicator).
2 - 3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers and web designers who want to understand how to create newer and faster interactive web pages.
JavaScript getting started::JavaScript values::JavaScript expressions::JavaScript statements::JavaScript objects::JavaScript core::JavaScript events::JavaScript windows and frames::JavaScript advanced topics

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