Introduction to MicroStrategy Reporting

Training Summary
This course offers an introduction to the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence tool, including the various capabilities of MicroStrategy in data discovery, advanced analytics, enterprise reporting and dashboard functionality. It provides an overview of basic architecture tools and services and detailed knowledge of installation of MicroStrategy. Students will learn about BI capability at different levels, operational, ad hoc and dashboard needs and solutions, progression in analytical methods, various types of models like summarization, trends, benchmarking, comparative analysis, optimization, and predictions.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course targets the beginner MicroStrategy user and is designed for users who work with data analytics and presentation. It starts with simple charts and progresses to complex visualizations.
Course Topics
  • Understand underlying functionality of MicroStrategy BI concepts
  • Depict foundation of logical data model and schema, its role in data warehouse and business intelligence, clear understanding of Star Schema, working with Facts and Dimensions Tables.
  • Detailed architecture of MicroStrategy including tools and services, data assets, schemas, metadata, public objects and information delivered via web, desktop and mobile
  • Illustrate backend data support that MicroStrategy offers, seamless integration with relational databases and unstructured data storage.
  • Understanding about measures and metrics in a data warehouse schema
  • Understand creation of schema objects, data warehouse catalog, schema tables, creation and editing of Attributes and Facts and Schema update
  • Creation of basic metrics and level metrics, defining metrics using filters, studying the metrics generated by SQL
  • Illustrate step by step process for creating filters and the different options in creating filters
  • Understand different ways of creation of Prompts and its various uses.
  • Understand Drill Maps creations, its significance, role of hierarchies in drill navigation, detailed demonstration of Drill Maps and Navigation
  • Define creation of Custom Groups and their distinction from Consolidation Objects

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