Introduction to Modern JavaScript ( ES6+ ) ( Custom for SSA )

JavaScript is essential in doing front-end development for the web, and is the basis for libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React, and AngularJS/Angular2. Its popularity has increased even more as it is used in non-browser environments using Node. Having formal training in JavaScript helps developers to avoid performance issues, write code that is more modular and easier to maintain, and take advantage of working with modern changes and syntactic sugar available in the latest ECMAScript standards such as using: let and const for variables, loops, template strings, and ES6 classes. The course combines lecture and hands-on exercises to give students a strong foundation in using JavaScript to help them to follow best practices, and leverage tools to be more productive. It also helps to clarify common misunderstandings in JavaScript such as: the usage of the keyword this, how prototypical inheritance works, object-oriented and functional programming styles. The first day of the course consists of a review of syntax and practice with basics of JavaScript, and the second day is focused more on using more modern techniques for code organization.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for those who have previously attended the Social Security Administration 12 week boot camp and have had some exposure to JavaScript and have had experience in working with Object Oriented Java.
Store information in variables and objects
  • Create code blocks for conditional logic and looping in code
  • Utilize browser developer tools for debugging JavaScript code
  • Create event handlers to respond to browser events
  • Create and call functions with parameters
  • Perform validations using regular expressions
  • Parse and Create JSON objects
  • Create browser side scripts for manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Create asynchronous calls to a Web server using AJAX

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