Introduction to .NET

The course is designed to teach the student exactly what one needs to know about .NET, and what one can expect to be able to do using it. .NET is Microsoft's vision of a development environment in which you can build, create, and deploy your applications and the next generation of components it is called "Web Services". All of the products from Visual Studio to Windows and eventually Office will be integrated into the environment and they will all offer services that will allow greater integration between products. .NET allows developers to develop in whatever language they are comfortable with, via the introduction of a common language runtime, while at the same time provide 'building block services' to ease application development.
Students should have a high degree of technical competence and awareness of technologies such a COM, COM+, ASP, and VB is required. Some experience of C, C++ or Java would be advantageous to anyone new to C#, although it's not required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for experienced programmers and developers.
.NET Overview::Intro to the CLR::An Introduction to C#::What's New in Visual Basic.NET::New Features in Visual Studio.NET::.NET Class Framework::ASP.NET::Web Services::Windows Forms::Building .NET Components::ADO.NET::Enterprise Servers

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