Introduction to NoSQL

Training Summary
This course introduces the basic concepts and fundamental principles of NoSQL. Students will learn about the lifecycle, and adoption of NoSQL technologies. This course will help students understand the NoSQL landscape and classification of a variety of products and packages in the market such as MongoDB. They will learn about the reference architecture and platform stack. Students will also learn to identify the key features, benefits, impacts and use cases of NoSQL databases. They will be able to understand the terms and best practices related to NoSQL and recognize key considerations and tradeoffs, which should be kept in mind, while designing NoSQL data stores in a systematic fashion.
Basic understanding and familiarity of information systems and development are desired.Additional knowledge on system development lifecycle and data-intensive applications will be helpful.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for solution architects, systems analysts, systems engineers, and IT managers who are interested in utilizing NoSQL technologies within their organizations.
Course Topics
NoSQL: What It Is and Why It Is Needed::Getting Initial Hands-on Experience::Interfacing and Interacting with NoSQL::Understanding the Storage Architecture::Performing CRUD Operations::Querying NoSQL Stores::Modifying Data Stores and Managing Evolution::Indexing and Ordering Data Sets::Managing Transactions and Data Integrity::Scalable Parallel Processing with MapReduce::Analyzing Big Data with Hive::Surveying Database Internals::Choosing Among NoSQL Flavors::Coexistence::Performance Tuning::Tools and Utilities

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