Introduction to Objective-C for iOS Development Courseware

Objective-C is the language for developing iPhone and iPad applications. This class teaches the fundamentals of the programming language. It includes an introduction to XCode, the software development tool for Objective-C; c++ underlying concepts; program control flow and functions; object-oriented programming concepts and practice, including object handling within Objective-C; memory management in Objective-C; and an in-depth review of the Foundation classes.
Before taking this course, students should have experience in the following areas:Minimal programming experience, including use of variables within a program.Experience in the following areas would be beneficial:Some object-oriented programming experience. c++ or c # experience.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Basic Program Setup
  • NSLog
  • Variables
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • User-defined Classes
  • Memory Management
  • Foundation Classes
  • Copying Objects

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