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This course is designed to enable the student to create, debug, and modify programs in the Open Object REXX (ooRexx) programming language. The course is primarily designed for execution in a Windows environment, although it can also be hosted in a Linux or UNIX (AIX/Solaris) environment.

A principle advantage of Open Object REXX is the ease of creating new programs that utilize existing vendor-supplied and/or site-written classes. Rapid design and development techniques will be taught that result in clean, maintainable code and reusable class libraries.

Before taking this course, students should have attended ProTech’s Multiplatform REXX Programming course or equivalent knowledge of the REXX language keywords, functions and syntax.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for programmers, analysts, and project leaders.

Introduction to Open Object REXX

  • Quick review of classic REXX
  • ooRexx Functions
  • Introduction to objects
  • Using the built-in classes
  • Building your own classes
  • Coding graphical user interfaces using the ooDialog class Library
  • Using the Windows System Class Library
  • TCP/IP Socket programming in REXX

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