Introduction to PHP & MySQL for Non Programmers

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This class shows non-programmers who have some web coding experience how to create dynamic web pages that interact with a UNIX web server store data in a mySQL database. It includes basic syntax, built-in functions, and branching logic conditions. The emphasis of this class is to develop and validate web-based forms to pass data in and out of a database.

Students need to have knowledge of UNIX from a command line level (file permissions, directory/file management, using the vi editor or equivalent to post files on a web server) and experience programming in a programming language using logic statements, functions, and advanced variables. They must also know basic HTML coding, especially with FORMS.

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for experienced HTML Web coders without programming experience.

  • A Gentle Introduction to MySQL
  • PHP Overview
  • Language Syntax
  • Variables, expressions, and output
  • Adding Logic and Iteration to HTML Pages
  • Arrays
  • Interacting with the Operating System
  • Working with Forms
  • User-defined Functions
  • Forms & Sessions
  • Accessing MySQL
  • Enhancing the web page
  • Regular expressions

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