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Over the years, Spring has added many new capabilities, in line with the increasing capabilities of the Java platform. As well as being current with Spring 4, this course introduces techniques for using these powerful capabilities. It includes complete coverage of the three main configuration styles: Java-based (@Configuration), annotation-based (@Component), and the traditional XML-based configuration that may still play an important role in existing and new projects. It also provides guidelines for when and how to use each one.

The course starts with in-depth coverage on using the powerful capabilities of Spring's Core module to reduce coupling and increase the flexibility, ease of maintenance, and testing of your applications. It goes on to cover many of the most important capabilities of Spring, including integrating persistence layers (e.g. Hibernate/JPA) with Spring, using Spring's powerful Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) to program cross-cutting concerns in a safe and maintainable way, and using Spring's declarative transaction capabilities. It also covers integration of Spring with Java EE Web applications.

This course is hands on with labs to reinforce all the important concepts. It will enable you to build working Spring applications and give you an understanding of the important concepts and technology in a very short time.

The standard platform does all labs with the Eclipse IDE, and the lab instructions include detailed directions for setting up and using it. The course can be made available for all major development environments, including IBM RAD and IntelliJ.

Before taking this course, students should have reasonable Java programming experience. Students should also have some knowledge of SQL databases and transactional behavior.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab


  • Introduction to Spring
  • Configuration in Depth
  • Wiring in Depth
  • Database Access with Spring
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Spring Transaction (TX) Management
  • Web Applications with Spring
  • XML Specific Configuration
  • Appendix Maven and Spring

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