Introduction to Watcom's VX-REXX

This course will present the basic concepts of object oriented and event-driven programming and will teach the student how to make effective use of all the components of Watcom's VX-REXX. The student will create applications using basic and advanced CUA user interface objects and develop strategies for debugging applications. Techniques for maintaining application and system responsiveness during extended processing will also be presented.
The student should have attended an introductory REXX programming course or have the equivalent experience.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for application and systems programmers.
  • REXX review
  • Creating secondary windows
  • Using VX-REXX
  • Complex objects
  • Application objects
  • Object oriented user interfaces
  • Primary window objects
  • Handling long processing
  • Debugging
  • Adding help
  • Menu objects
  • Application packaging
  • Using DDE client objects
  • Drag and drop

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