iOS 6: What's New for Software Developers

Training Summary
Using a unique 100% hands-on approach, every new feature of iOS 6 is introduced and covered in detail using the latest version of Xcode released with iOS 6. The course begins by covering the new iOS 6 application-wide features, including Data Privacy, UI State Preservation, and Auto Layout. The course then covers the iOS 6 enhancements to the existing frameworks, including the major additions to the UIKit framework. The remainder of the course covers the new iOS 6 frameworks, including the PassKit.framework and Social.framework.At the end of the course, software developers will have the skills to develop and support iOS 6 applications for both the iPhone and iPad.
Students should be familiar with Xcode, Objective-C, and iOS software development.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for n iOS 5 software developers who want the fastest path to total mastery and understanding of the new software development features in iOS 6.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • New iOS 6 Application-wide Features
  • New iOS 6 App Integration Features
  • iOS 6 Enhancements to Existing Frameworks
  • iOS 6 UIKit.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 Foundation.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 Account.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 AddressBook.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 AssetsLibrary.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 CFNetwork.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 CoreBluetooth.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 CoreLocation.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 CoreText.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 EventKit.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 ExternalAccessory.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 GameKit.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 iAd.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 MapKit.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 MediaPlayer.framework Enhancements
  • iOS 6 StoreKit.framework Enhancements
  • New iOS 6 Social.framework
  • New iOS 6 PassKit.framework
  • Course Summary

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