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This intensive 5-day course is designed to train both novice and experienced developers how to create native iOS8 Apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod using the Objective-C programming language. Created by experienced iOS developers, the course places a very strong emphasis on hands-on learning through a multitude of exercises and demonstrations. Students will be guided through a wide variety of in-class Labs specifically designed to offer practical solutions to common problems that address real-world production needs. Topics covered include: Multi-View Apps, Design-Patterns, Data-Persistence, Core Data, Web-Services, JSON and XML parsing, Maps and Location Services, working with Images and Animations and handling Gestures.An in-depth look at the Xcode 6 IDE and its many features and tools will also be included.

Basic knowledge of programming in Objective-C is recommended to get the most out of this class. (Note: a separate 3-day "Programming in Objective-C" class is also available.)Object Oriented Programming experience is recommendedBasic familiarity with Mac computers and working in Mac OS X is recommended

5 Days/Lecture & Labs

  • Your First App - "Prepare for Takeoff"
  • Adding Interactivity
  • Enabling User Input
  • Working with Image Assets & App Icons
  • Writing Classes in Objective-C
  • Using the PickerView
  • Creating Multiview Applications
  • Using TableViews
  • Using Collection Views
  • Creating Views from Code
  • Detecting and Handling Gestures
  • Data Persistence
  • Maps, Core Location and Location Services
  • Web Services
  • Integrating your App with Social Media
  • Universal Apps - Auto-Layouts, Handling Device Rotations and Size Classes
  • Application Life Cycle & View States/Life Cycle
  • Unit Testing
  • Submitting to the App Store

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