iOS Network Integration Workshop

iPad and iPhone empower today’s modern workforce. To support these mobile users, organizations need to provide reliable and secure network access. At this workshop, participants learn how to integrate Apple technology into existing networks while balancing usability, complexity, and security.
Recommended knowledge: :: iOS familiarity
  • Basic iOS device navigation skills
  • Understanding of Apple deployment programs and device management
  • Understanding of iOS security basics
  • General knowledge of networking technologies including Wi-Fi, VPN and Proxy
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for integrating iOS devices into an organization’s existing network, and for technical sales professionals who help customers choose iOS devices.
: :Getting connected
  • Review how to connect iOS devices to an existing network.
  • Explore how to control access to the network using preshared keys, user names and passwords, and certificates.
  • Managing traffic
  • Investigate how to effectively manage network traffic generated by iOS devices.
  • Learn how to use Caching service, app prioritization, and proxies.
  • Securing traffic
  • Discover how an iOS device transmits data securely over public networks to trusted hosts on private networks.
  • Learn how to connect iOS devices to remote networks using VPN.

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