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The ISPF Dialog Development course teaches students to develop state of the art ISPF Display panels as an application user interface (UI). REXX programming is used to invoke ISPF Services. Frequent updates insure the most current information is addressed in all phases of this course. Lecture, demonstration, and hand-on exercises are used to reinforce learning. Review quizzes may be used to evaluate student progress.

Before taking this course, students must know basic ISPF navigation and editing and have experience with REXX programming. The Introduction to z/OS and REXX Programming for TSO/ISPF course or equivalent is required.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for personnel who are required to maintain and/or develop ISPF-based user interfaces for locally developed or vendor supplied applications.

Dialog Manager Overview

  • ISPF Data Sets and DDNAMEs
  • Panel Definition and Design
  • Using Menus (Action Bar)
  • Using Point and Shoot Fields
  • Developing Help and Tutorials
  • Display Services
  • Table Services
  • Message Files
  • File Tailoring and Skeletons
  • Program Development Facility Services
  • Library Management Services
  • Dialog Tag Language

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