ITIL 4 Specialist: High Velocity IT

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Training Summary
In ITIL 4 High Velocity IT is about creating an environment where people immediately adapt when new business processes, plans and services are agreed, developed and deployed. It is about enabling digital organizations to function effectively and efficiently in high-velocity environments. By engaging these perspectives organizations can more effectively begin and continue on their digital journey. The HVIT course covers all of the activities in the Service Value Chain (SVC) from the perspective of: How to exploit disruptive technologies? How do I go fast?
In order to take the HVIT course students must hold the ITIL 4 Foundation Certification and have completed an accredited ITIL 4 HVIT course and have the required Letter of Attendance from an Accredited Training Provider.
10 Hours/eLearning
The ITIL 4 HVIT course is one of the four required courses for individuals seeking their ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification. The ITIL 4 Managing Professional module is for designed specifically for individuals involved in organizational digital transformation. It is also helpful for individuals involved in IT Management and Service Management roles.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • HVIT Terms
  • HVIT Objectives
  • HVIT & The Four Dimensions
  • HVIT & the SVS/SVC
  • HVIT & Digital Product Lifecycle
  • HVIT Principles, Models, and Objectives
  • Purpose Models
  • People Models
  • Progress Models
  • Progress Models Part 2
  • Key Characteristics of HVIT
  • Ensuring Valuable Investment
  • Portfolio Management Practice
  • Relationship Management Practice
  • Ensuring Fast Development
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment
  • Architecture Management Practice
  • Business Analysis Practice
  • Deployment Management Practice
  • Service Validation & Testing Practice
  • Software Development & Management Practice
  • Ensuring Resilient Operations Part 1
  • Ensuring Resilient Operations Part 2
  • Availability Management Practice
  • Capacity & Performance Management Practice
  • Monitoring & Event Management Practice
  • Problem Management Practice
  • Service Continuity Management Practice
  • Infrastructure & Platform Management Practice
  • Ensuring Co-Created Value
  • Service Design Practice
  • Service Desk Practice
  • Ensuring Assured Conformance
  • Information Security Management
  • Risk Management
  • HVIT Summary

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