ITSM Experience

THE CHALLENGES:Creating shared energy for IT Service Management (ITSM) success Gaining buy-in and commitment for ITSM programsSuccessfully implementing best practice initiatives, such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 and ISO/IEC 20000Becoming service focused, as opposed to technology focusedTHE SOLUTION: ITSM ExperienceA strategic catalyst for cultural change.This highly-interactive simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding and acceptance of service management concepts such as ITIL V3.Facilitated in the fast world of global on-line retail, Polestar ITSM brings to life the service management, cultural and process issues faced by organizations and encourages strategic partnership between IT and the business. This is done through a realistic, exhilarating scenario to which participants can directly relate to and have actual experience of.ITSM EXPERIENCE IN ACTIONNormally delivered over 4-5 rounds, the Polestar simulation uses gaming dynamics to mirror the real world interaction between IT and the business, from both a strategic and operational perspective.The simulation structure is designed to reflect the entire service management lifecycle as defined by ITIL V3. Participants progress through the rounds, increasing operational maturity and gaining aholistic understanding of quality service management as they go.In addition, the simulation experience continues between rounds through defined service transition phases which require the participants engagement in planning for strategic and operational continuous service improvements.The following aspects of ITSM are considered during each round in the Simulation:ROUND 1:Working in silos (IT and the Business) Communication issues and chaos Introducing the Service Desk and Incident ManagementROUND 2:Refining and improving the Service Desk and Incident Management Introducing Problem Management, Knowledge Management and Trend Analysis, Introducing Availability, Capacity and Configuration Management. Focus on Change and Service Level ManagementBusiness Relationship ManagementROUND 3:Maturing in processes from Round 2 with special focus on Release Management, Service/Business Continuity Management. Introducing Financial Management Mastering Configuration Management (CMDB)Demonstrate importance of processes and their relationships Review how ITSM maturity has evolved and the benefits to the business
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Dday/Lecture & Lab
  • Creating contribution realization
  • Propelling the enterprise to faster results
  • Strategically aligning IT and the business
  • Energizing staff through accelerated learning
  • Making complex IT simple

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