ITSM/ITIL (ICT) Infrastructure Management: Executive Overview or Awareness Sessions

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems are evolving rapidly. There is a greater emphasis on ensuring complex and sophisticated systems and services are cost-effective, plus there is a requirement for them to be introduced in short time intervals. This represents a daunting challenge for ICT Management.These sessions are designed to provide participants with an overview of how to manage a quality and cost-effective infrastructure. It is this infrastructure on which services underpinning the business processes of an organization are supported and delivered - an area that is often not focused on, but forms the basis on which success is achieved (or not).These sessions will provide participants with an overview of ITIL Infrastructure Management (ITIL IM) processes, interfaces, objectives, and deliverables. ITIL IM extends on the scope of the Service Support and Service Delivery processes and delivers a bigger picture of the IT Service lifecycle. They will also provide an overview of ITIL IT Service Management and inspire participants to embrace the ITIL Infrastructure Management framework in support of planned complementary process improvements. The sessions will enable participants to more effectively converse with staff engaged in ITIL Infrastructure Management activities.
There are no prerequisites for these sessions, however some knowledge of ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery would be an advantage. It is also expected that all candidates will have an ICT professional understanding of ICT components and processes.
1 1/2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The Executive Overview IMX (1/2 Day) is recommended for organizations taking their first step in determining a larger commitment to developing an ITIL IM capability. Staff attending the Executive Session may wish to progress to the 3-day ITIL IM Manager's Certificate course. This is an accelerated, 4 hour session, providing an overview for Executives / Senior Managers on Infrastructure Management and where it fits into the overall ITIL framework.The Awareness Session IMA (1 Day) is recommended for staff who may not require any further training certification in ITIL IM but require a good understanding of the components and consideration of how to implement it. This is a fast-paced, 1day session for key Infrastructure Management participants. It will expand on the concepts of ITIL Infrastructure Management so that participants gain a sound understanding of how to manage a quality and cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Introduction / Framing
  • Quick refresh IT Service Management
  • Overview of ITIL Infrastructure Management
  • Design and Planning *
  • Deployment *
  • Operations *
  • Technical Support *
  • Roles and Responsibilities *
  • Costs, Benefits and Possible Problems *
  • Implementing ITIL IM (IMA only)
  • Extended modules in IMA

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