Java 8 Programming for Object Oriented (OO) Experienced Developers

Java 8 Programming for OO Experienced Developers is a five-day, comprehensive hands-on introduction to Java training course geared for developers who have prior working knowledge of object-oriented programming languages such as C++. Throughout the course students learn the best practices for writing great object-oriented programs in Java 8, using sound development techniques, new improved features for better performance, and new capabilities for addressing rapid application development. In addition to the normal exercises that are liberally sprinkled throughout the course, there is a case study that covers the entire spectrum from use cases to object-oriented design to implemented classes. This case study supplements the course and can be used during and after the course as a reference and a tool for reviewing and practicing what was learned in class.Students who attend Java 8 Programming for OO Developers will leave this course armed with the required skills to develop solid object-oriented applications written in Java, using sound coding techniques and best coding practices. Geared for developers with prior OO development experience in languages such as C++ or SmallTalk, this course will teach students everything they need to become productive in essential Java programming.Specific Java 8 features that are covered in the course include: The new Date APILambda ExpressionsStreamsCollectors Students will code numerous Java examples to reinforce the major concepts covered in this course. The courses will increase in complexity as more sophisticated techniques are introduced. Our courses include ample materials and labs to ensure all students are either appropriately challenged, or assisted, at all times - no matter their skill level.
Attendees should have a working knowledge of developing software applications with OO languages such as C++ or C#. Students should have prior on the job, hands?on development experience programming in an object oriented language such as C#, C++.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers with prior hands on experience programming in an Object -Oriented language, such as C#, C++, Smalltalk, etc. This is an introductory level Java course, designed for experienced developers who wish to get up and running with Java, or who need to reinforce sound Java coding practices, immediately.
  • Java - A First Look
  • Essential Java Programming
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Java Developer's Toolbox
  • Collections and Generics
  • Java Lambda Expressions and Streams
  • Multithreading and Concurrency
  • Java I/O
  • Java Application Development

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