Java Development using Visual Cafe

As one of the premier Java Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Visual Caf from Symantec provides a number of facilities to aid the fledgling Java developer. This course provides an introduction to both Java and the development of Java applets and applications using Visual Caf.
The student should have knowledge of at least one programming language and it is recommended that the student has knowledge of C/C++ or Object-oriented concepts or GUI development experience.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers who need to design and develop applications and applets in Java version 1.1 using Symantec's Visual Caf.
  • Introduction to Java
  • The Visual Caf environment
  • Managing projects
  • Getting started with applets/applications
  • Classes and objects
  • Building user interfaces
  • Java language syntax
  • Adding interactions
  • Arranging layouts
  • Standard/Caf components
  • Custom containers
  • Designing menus
  • Text validation
  • Special controls
  • Handling exceptions
  • Using the debugger
  • Multimedia
  • File handling
  • JDBC and SQL
  • Setting up the middleware
  • Creating a dbAware project

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