Java EE 6 Web Application Development using RAD v8.0

This workshop will teach students to build database enabled J2EE Web programming knowledge and skills in the Rational Application Developer environment using Servlets, Filters, JSP and related technology. The students will learn how to build a web application using the Model-View-Controller (or MVC or Model II) design paradigm. It will also include an overview of Servlets, JSP and filters will be covered extensively, including programming and configuring these components. All aspects of JSP will be covered. Students will write simple JSPs, write and use JavaBeans. Various aspects of accessing data and managing state efficiently are covered, including JDBC and HTTP session management.
The student should have a working knowledge of Java programming and some experience with HTML.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for Java developers who want to understand, design and build Web applications using the latest Java technologies.
Getting Started with Rational Application Developer::Servlets::Overview of HTML::JavaServer Pages::JavaBeans::Integrating Servlet and JSP::Model View Controller Paradigm::JDBC::JSP Standard Tag Library v1.2::Configuring Servlet/JSP Using web.xml and Annotation::Servlet and JSP Filters::Using Annotations in Servlets::Overview of Asynchronous Servlet::J2EE Architecture Overview (optional)

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