Java EE (JEE6/JEE7) with JSF2, EJB3, and JPA2

Training Summary
Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE/JEE) is a powerful platform for building enterprise applications. This hands-on course is an accelerated course that covers the core technologies of JEE. It includes in-depth coverage of using JSF2 (JavaServer Faces 2), EJB3 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3), and JPA2 (Java Persistence API 2) to design and build your own multi-tier applications, as well as overview of other important technologies such as JAX-WS for building Java-based Web services. The course begins with the Web tier - providing a brief overview of the Servlet API and technology, which is the foundation for JSF. It then moves on to comprehensive coverage of JSF2 - JEE’s component based UI framework - including coverage of Facelets and the JSF tag libraries. It moves on to cover EJB, the foundation of JEE’s business tier, including stateless and stateful session beans, and using its declarative transaction control. It then moves on to the business tier, covering JPA’s powerful Object-Relational mapping capabilities for accessing persistent data. The course also provides overviews of other important technologies such as JAX-WS for building SOAP-based Web services, and JAX-RS for building RESTful services. The course covers all the important concepts necessary to use the three core technologies of JSF, EJB, and JPA, as well as where the other technologies fit into the picture. It includes an extensive series of labs to exercise all major capabilities, and will leave you well prepared to use these technologies to build multi-tier enterprise systems.
Working knowledge of Java programming, including use of inheritance, interfaces, and exceptions
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Intermediate Java Developers.
Course Topics
  • Overview of Java EE
  • Getting Started with JSF
  • JSF Managed Beans
  • JSF Navigation
  • Facelets and Tag Libraries
  • h:dataTable and h:commandLink
  • Introduction to EJB
  • Session Beans
  • Additional EJB Capabilities
  • Transactions and Security
  • Introduction to the Java Persistence API (JPA 2)
  • Updates and Queries
  • [Optional] Entity Relationships

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