Java Essentials Using RAD v7.5

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This course will introduce the student to the Java programming language using IBM RAD 7.5. Through hands-on exercises, the student will become familiar with the Java syntax and the object oriented approach that this language utilizes. It is based on the new Java 1.5

The student must be familiar object oriented programming and with basic programming concepts with prior programming experience in at least one language (COBOL, Visual Basic, C, etc.).

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for new Java programmers who have not previously programmed in an object-oriented language. The course can also run in RAD, Java EE Galileo Eclipse, WebLogic Workshop, and JDeveloper.

  • Basic Java syntax (data types, operators, control statement)
  • Object-oriented programming in Java
  • UML notation - Class Diagram
  • Using Collections Framework
  • Using Exceptions
  • Navigating Sun's API documentation
  • Generics and Collections Framework
  • Varargs

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