Java for C# Programmers

This course provides the in-depth examination of the Java language and platform required for C# developers to effectively and rapidly transition to Java. This course is aimed at proficient C# programmers that need to learn Java to port an existing C# program to Java.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
C# programmers
  • What is Java
  • Java concepts for C# Developers
  • Understanding Object Inheritance in Java
  • Creating well-formed Java Objects
  • Object Inheritance using Interfaces
  • Static Class Design
  • Advanced Java Design
  • Working with Java Exceptions
  • Overview of the SE API
  • Text Processing In Java
  • Working with the Logging Library
  • Working with Collections
  • Understanding Java Threads
  • Introduction to Concurrent Libraries
  • Working with I/O
  • Network Programming with Java
  • Java EE & EJB Introduction
  • Introduction Database Programming with Java
  • Java Persistence API
  • Unit Testing and Automated Builds
  • Java Performance Tuning Concepts

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