Java Modules and Other New Features (to Java 11)

Java’s new release cycle introduces new features at a rapid pace. This course covers the important new features of Java 9 through Java 11. It starts with coverage of Java 9 modules, which are a core change in how Java finds the libraries it needs. It goes on to cover the many significant improvements that are present in these releases. This concise course is focused on introducing the new capabilities and how to use them. It includes numerous code examples and programming labs that illustrate all of the new capabilities. The course is hands on, and requires that students be comfortable with writing general Java code at an intermediate level.
Working knowledge of Java programming, including use of inheritance, interfaces, and exceptions.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Suitable for Java developers that want to ramp up on the new features in Java 11 and beyond, with special focus on Java 9+ modules
  • Introduction
  • Working with Java 9 Modules
  • JShell - a Java Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL)
  • Type Inference
  • HttpClient
  • API Changes/Additions
  • Other Capabilities

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