Java Programming Using RAD v6.0

This course teaches students how to develop applications using Java. Students will develop Java applications using IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6.0. The concepts taught in this course are reinforced by hands-on lab exercises.
Students should have some programming experience and familiarity with Object Oriented Programming concepts.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Learn the fundamentals of Java programming as well as more complex Java concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism::Gain experience developing and debugging Java applications as they develop Java components including interfaces, classes, methods and JavaBeans::Use many features of IBM Rational Application Developer including the Workbench, Editors and Perspectives.::Java Overview::Basic Object-Oriented Concepts in Java::RAD Concepts::Basic Java Syntax::RAD The Java Perspective::RAD UML Visual Editing::RAD Debug Perspective::More Java Syntax::Strings & Wrapper Classes::Model-View-Controller Architecture Overview::Collections::Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts in Java::Exception Handling::Input/Output::Introduction to Threads::N-Tier Computing::Java Applets, AWT and Swing::RAD Visual Editor::Events::Inner Classes

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