Java Server Performance

Performance monitoring and tuning of a Java Server environment is a critical but complex topic. This class introduces the student to the concepts and techniques of Java Server Performance monitoring and tuning. Including in this class are the fundamental concepts and techniques every server administrator should know. The focus on this class is on practical knowledge and expertise that each student can apply to their Java Server environment.
A background in Server administration
2 Days/Lecture & Labs
This course is designed for Java Server Admins
  • Introduction
  • Basic Java infrastructure concepts
  • Getting to know the JVM
  • Benchmarks
  • Understanding throughput, batching and response time
  • Understand variability
  • The Java Performance Toolbox
  • CPU usage
  • Monitoring memory
  • Disk I/Os
  • Java monitoring tools
  • Profiling tools
  • Java Mission Control
  • Working with the JIT compiler
  • Compiler tuning
  • The Java Garbage Collector
  • Garbage Collector tuning
  • Heap memory monitoring and tuning
  • Heap Best Practices
  • Native Memory Best Practices
  • Threading and Synchronization Performance
  • JVM Thread tuning
  • JEE Application Server performance
  • Database Best Practices
  • JSE Best Practices
  • Summary of tuning flags

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