Java Threaded Programming

The Java Threaded Programming training course focuses on creating multi-threaded Java applications, using both the core Java language thread (java.lang.Thread) features as well as the Java concurrency packages (java.util.concurrent). Java Threaded Programming begins by examining the multi-threaded capabilities built into the Java language and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - such as object monitor locks. Once the core Java threading concepts foundation is laid, the course transitions into the advanced discussion around multi-threading Java capabilities found in the java.util.concurrent package. The Java Threaded Programming course concludes with an exploration and examination of common issues encountered when creating a cross-platform multi-threaded application.
ProTech's Advanced Core Java course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • What is "Thread" in Java?
  • Understanding the Virtual Machine Thread Scheduler
  • Types of Threads, Thread Lifecycles, and Priorities
  • Managing threads through priorities and ThreadGroups
  • Thread communication through wait, notify, and notifyAll
  • Creating mutual exclusion (mutex) with synchronized
  • Semphores, Barriers, Latches, and Exchangers
  • Thread-safe collection processing over Queues, Lists, and Maps
  • Managing collections of Thread with ThreadPools
  • "Background" thread execution through the Executor service

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