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JavaScript is everywhere - it's in all websites, all web apps, and more commonly it is the core component of many native applications called hybrid apps. From the client side through to the server side and beyond, JavaScript is a quintessential language to learn and master.

No JavaScript experience will be required, because the course starts you at ground zero and works up very quickly. This course has something for everyone, regardless of your JavaScript experience level. Ideally students will have some experience working with HTML and CSS, and have worked with at least one other programming language before.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

We find that most people taking the course are already front end or full stack developers looking to fill in any knowledge gaps. Absolute beginners are most welcome, provided they are tech savvy and not afraid to roll up their sleeves and try their best. Front end engineers wishing to learn the basics of JavaScript at the server level (Node.js) should attend. Backend developers wishing to learn better the client side in order to build better APIS for their users. HTML and CSS people wishing to learn how to use JavaScript in their websites to add additional functionality, such as AJAX and Canvas data visualization.

General understanding and getting stuff working

  • Deep dive into Variables and Objects
  • Design Patterns
  • Deep dive into Functions
  • JavaScript on the Client [Browser]
  • JavaScript on a server [Node.js]
  • Setting up Node.js
  • Data Manipulation and Visualization

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