JavaScript Data, Ajax, and REST

The JavaScript Data, Ajax, and REST training course explores the ways in which data is loaded in a web browser.The JavaScript Data, Ajax, and REST course begins with a review of Ajax and the browser's Ajax objects. Next, the course examines REST architecture and the ways in which RESTful data can be loaded through various JavaScript Frameworks, followed by explanations of how browsers handle and transfer files to servers.The JavaScript Data, Ajax and REST course concludes with exploration into how to construct a simple RESTful API using Node js.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Ajax Overview
  • The XmlHttpRequest Object
  • Loading Data with jQuery
  • Browser Data Types
  • Loading and Parsing XML
  • Working with JSON
  • Loading JSONP
  • REST Architecture
  • URL Routing and REST
  • Response Codes
  • CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing
  • Data Models and Views
  • Introduction to Backbone
  • Loading Data with Backbone
  • Polling and Long Polling
  • Synchronizing Data
  • Introducing Web Sockets
  • Uploading a File with jQuery
  • Reporting on Upload Progress
  • The Drag and Drop API
  • Creating REST API with Node.js and Express

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