JavaScript Development with DOJO

This course enables students to write AJAX enabled web applications using the Dojo framework. All aspects of Dojo are covered, including the core utility functions, selecting nodes based on CSS selectors, working with NodeList objects, adding and modifying nodes in the DOM tree, performing XHR requests and introducing animations.The standard Dijit widgets are also covered, with an emphasis on building rich user interfaces that interact with REST'ful Web Services via JSON. By default the server side code is implemented in JEE using the Jackson JSON processor.
The course assumes students are experienced in server-side programming using either JEE or .NET. To benefit most from the course students should also have basic JavaScript programming experience and knowledge of the core concepts of AJAX and REST.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • JavaScript Essentials for Java/C# Developers
  • Introduction to the Dojo Framework
  • Performing Basic Tasks with DOJO
  • Event Handling with DOJO
  • Using DOJO for Asynchronous Requests
  • The DOJO Build System
  • Using the Dijit Widgets

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