JavaScript Fundamentals

This course enables delegates to use JavaScript as their primary language within the development of single page web applications that interact with RESTful services. There is extensive coverage of both the object-oriented and functional aspects of JavaScript, and in particular how the two can be used to complement one another. Throughout the course delegates learn the best practices for applying each language feature, as well as the numerous pitfalls and anti-patterns to be avoided.The duration of the course and depth of material covered can be adjusted based on the audience. For junior developers the course is delivered over 4 days and has a strong focus on basic concepts. For senior developers the course can be delivered over 3 days and will include extra detail on how to make the most of JavaScripts functional features.By default the course uses Chrome for all the examples and exercises.
Students should have previous programming experience (from university and/or industry) in one or more of Java, C#, C++, Perl, Python and Ruby. It is recommended that students have access to JavaScript the Good Parts for course preparation and follow up work. Effective JavaScript by David Herman is also highly recommended.
3-5 Days/Lecture & Labs
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Basic JavaScript Programming
  • Writing Functions in JavaScript
  • Functional Programming with 'Underscore.js'
  • Object Orientation in JavaScript
  • Manipulating the DOM Tree
  • Applying AJAX
  • Communicating with RESTful Services

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