JB167 JBoss Hibernate Essentials

The Hibernate Essentials course is recommended for Java developers who must become competent with a Hibernate or a Java Persistence API object/relational persistence and query service implementation. Both implementations provide powerful APIs to develop persistent classes following the object-oriented idiom. Both implementations support the use of association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition and collections with persistent classes. To fully utilize persistent class implementations, the student will also learn how to create and execute queries using EJB-QL, the portable Hibernate SQL extension (HQL), native SQL and the object-oriented Criteria and Example API.
The prerequisite skills for this class are the following:-An understanding of the relational persistence model -Competency with the Java language -Knowledge of OOAD concepts -Familiarity with the UML -Experience with a dialect of SQL -Using the JDK and creating the necessary environment for compilation and execution of a Java executable from the command line -An understanding of JDB No prior knowledge of J2EE or Hibernate is required. This training is based on Hibernate 3.2 series.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class targets Java developers who must become competent with the Hibernate or the Java Persistence API object/relational persistence and query service implementation. The primary audience is intended to be Java developers who work with SQL-based database systems or database developers who are looking for an introduction to object-oriented software development. Database administrators who are interested in how ORM may affect performance and how to tune the performance of the SQL database management system and persistence layer will also find this course of value.
  • Understanding object/relational persistence
  • Getting started with Hibernate
  • Mapping Persistent Classes
  • Working with Persistent Objects
  • Transactions and Concurrency
  • Advanced Mapping Concepts
  • Retrieving Objects
  • Queries
  • Caching
  • Application Design and Architecture
  • The Hibernate Toolset
  • Hibernate, Java Persistence and EJB3

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