JB170 JBoss: SEAM Essentials

This course covers the JBoss Seam framework and various core features such as context, conversation, component essentials, events and error handling, jBPM, administration & configuration with JBoss application server and Tomcat web server, Facelets, JSF & EJB3 essentials, Rich client applications, security, as well as new and exciting features in the JBoss Seam framework.
Students should have a solid background in Java programming. The JB167 Hibernate Essentials course or equally comparable Hibernate/JPA experience is required. Students must be familiar with the JEE (Java EE 5) Specification, the Enterprise JavaBeans 3 Specification, and the Persistence Framework (JPA). Students also should have a sound understanding of web and/or application servers (e.g. Tomcat or JBoss).
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is targeted toward Java developers constructing enterprise and next-generation Web 2.0 applications wanting to become more proficient and productive during development using JBoss Seam, the lightweight JEE (Java EE 5) application framework.
  • JBoss Seam Introduction
  • Review of Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Component Framework - (Optional Module)
  • Review of JavaServer Faces Framework and Facelets - (Optional Module)
  • JBoss Seam Tooling and Projects
  • JBoss Seam Component Model
  • JBoss Seam Context Model

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