JB443- JBoss Enterprise BRMS Implementation

JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform is an open source business rules management system that enables easy business policy and rules development, access, and change management.The JBoss Enterprise BRMS Implementation (JB433) course is designed for developers who are implementing a BRMS solution in an enterprise environment. Concentrating on business rules development, developers learn how to author, test, debug, and control business rules in a production environment. In addition, they will generate rules packages and learn how the BRMS runtime environment executes rules. The principles in this course apply equally to customers implementing a standalone BRMS solution.
Basic Java EE programming experienceBusiness rule development experience is not required
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Business analysts and enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) architects who are responsible for creating and adapting business policiesRules authors responsible for authoring and testing rulesJEE application developers responsible for integrating business rules into SOA and JEE enterprise applications
  • Authoring business rules in JBoss Developer Studio and Guvnor
  • Authoring and testing business rules
  • Authoring rule templates and generating rules from them
  • BRMS architecture and rule execution at runtime
  • Controlling rule execution and preventing conflicts
  • Packaging, debugging, and deploying business rules

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