JDBC and DB2 for z/OS

Java and DB2 are a perfect match, DB2 offers the organization and tools to handle your data requirements, and Java offers the programming tools to access DB2 on a z/OS platform. This course explores Java development for DB2 in a hands-on environment. The focus of this course is making the student productive in Java and DB2. This course explores JDBC basics, advancd DB2 JDBC, and DB2 stored procedures in Java.
The student must have a background in basic Java programming.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for z/OS developers who use Java to access DB2.
Introduction::An introduction to Java 2 Enterprise Edition::Accessing DB2 from Java::Prerequisites and setup::Putting it all together::Getting started with JDBC::JDBC revisited::Getting started with SQLJ::The SQLJ program preparation process::SQLJ tutorial and reference::SQLJ revisited::The DB2 Universal Driver::Error handling and diagnosis::Accessing DB2 from Web applications::Using Servlets to access DB2::JavaServer Pages::SQLSTATE categories::Developing Java stored procedures::Designing Java stored procedures::Coding Java stored procedures::Preparing Java stored procedures::Deployment and execution::Client applications invoking Java stored procedures

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