JEE Application Development Boot Camp With WebSphere

Training Summary
This course teaches the student the most common components of Java Enterprise Edition applications. Starting with an overview of JEE, appropriate layers are added for the Database (JPA), Business Domain logic (EJBs), Web View (JSP and JSF), and remote access with Web Services. WebSphere Application Server will be used throughout the course as a key development component. Due to the number and complexity of topics, the course will be very demanding on time and may require outside of class assignments/workshop time.
At least six months of Java programming is required.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Programmers and Architects who wish to build Java Enterprise applications.
Course Topics
Introduction to JEE::Projects::Unified Modeling Language::Developing Database Applications::Persistence Using the Java Persistence API::Developing Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Applications::Developing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Application Clients::Developing Web Services Applications::Developing Web Applications Using JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Servlets::Developing Web Applications Using JavaServer Faces::Building Applications with Apache Ant::Deploying Enterprise Applications::Debugging Local and Remote Applications

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