JES2 Facilities and Operations

Training Summary
This course provides the fundamentals of JES2 to Operators. It is intended to provide the student with the understanding to control and administer the JES2 subsystem in the z/OS environment. Workstations are needed for this session. Note: The commands section is a hands-on lab to explore and use JES2 commands. If possible a secondary JES2 subsystem can be set up (with instructor assistance) so that JES2 recovery procedures can be used without impacting a "live" JES2 subsystem.
Students should have experience with z/OS Overview.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Operations personnel and I/T professionals that need an understanding of JES2 operation and control.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to JES2 Concepts
  • SDSF
  • JES2 Operation
  • JES2 Spool and Checkpoint Processing
  • JES2 Network Job Entry (NJE) and Remote Job Entry (RJE)
  • JES2 Monitor

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