JES2 Operation

Training Summary
This course is designed to get MVS Operators familiar with JES2 concepts, control, and troubleshooting, presenting techniques and skills widely used by experienced system operators. Demos and hands-on Labs are used to reinforce presented topics.
The student should have a basic understanding of MVS.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for MVS operators.
Course Topics
  • The JES2 processing phases
  • JES2 commands for managing JES2 resources
  • Moving jobs and SYSOUT between JES2 systems
  • Managing a JES2 network
  • Setting up JES2 automatic commands
  • Starting and stopping JES2
  • JES2 processing
  • Controlling readers/initiators/job execution/printer and punches/job output
  • Job transmitters and receivers
  • Controlling remote devices and NJE
  • Automatic commands
  • JES2 startup and shutdown

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