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jQuery has taken over the web development world. More and more developers are recognizing that JavaScript is a capable and robust programming language that can be used to do amazing things to any web page, transforming it from a boring, static group of pages into a fulfilling and dynamic web experience!The only problem is that JavaScript isn't easy to work with. Enter jQuery. jQuery simplifies all client-side scripting tasks. jQuery makes JavaScript accessible to the masses and does it in a way that retains its power. jQuery has become the basis for hundreds of plug-ins and user-interface widgets that make web pages come alive!This very practical and hands-on course teaches jQuery to web developers and designers, especially those who have seen JavaScript and understand the basics of how it works. Major focus is given to learning real-world applications and how it interacts with other tools to create useful, feature-rich, compelling web sites.

Some experience with JavaScript and HTML.

3 days/Lecture & Lab

Web application programmers who may know JavaScript but want to learn jQuery

  • Hello, jQuery - an intro to jQuery.
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • jQuery fundamentals
  • Ajax with jQuery - get, post, getJSON, getScript, and so forth.
  • jQuery Ajax callbacks - because it is asynchronous after all.
  • How to get the ultimate control with Ajax.
  • Pointing to DOM elements in jQuery using CSS selectors
  • Using selectors - Children, container, and classes
  • Handling jQuery wrapped sets
  • Getting and setting styles and DOM element attributes
  • Getting and setting DOM contents, both innerText and innerHTML
  • The jQuery Event model - how to respond to events like click, hover, enter, and more.
  • Adding triggers
  • Smooth transitions using animation- showing and hiding, moving, fading in and out.
  • jQuery utility functions - string manipulation, array functions, etc.
  • Reading and writing JSON.
  • jQuery widgets
  • jQuery UI effects and interactions
  • Putting it all together Real world examples and applications
  • jQuery templates plug-in Getting and displaying data (Time permitting)

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