Juniper Networks Design Data Center ( JND-DC )

This five-day course is designed to cover best practices, theory, and design principles for data center design including data center architectures, data center interconnects, security considerations, virtualization, and data center operations.
The following are the prerequisites for this course: • Knowledge of routing and switching architectures and protocols. • Knowledge of Juniper Networks products and solutions. • Understanding of infrastructure security principles. • Basic knowledge of hypervisors and load balancers. • Completion of the Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF) course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is targeted specifically for those who have a solid understanding of operation and configuration and are looking to enhance their skill sets by learning the principles of design for the data center. Course Level: JND-DC is an intermediate-level course.
Course Introduction
  • Overview of Data Center Design
  • Initial Design Considerations
  • Traditional Data Center Architecture
  • Ethernet Fabric Architectures
  • IP Fabric Architecture
  • Data Center Interconnect
  • Securing the Data Center
  • SDN and Virtualization in the Data Center
  • Data Center Operation
  • Traffic Prioritization for Converged Networks
  • Migration Strategies
  • High Availability

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