Launch Your PMO

The ChallengeThe Project Management Office can be one of the most important investments that your organization has ever made. But PMO Startup is difficult; mortality rate is high. PMOs have a reputation for either working very very well, or ending in a very bad way. You're not sure you want to take the risk. Is there anything you can do to ensure that your PMO will be one of the good ones? The SolutionA new PMO is likely to succeed if there is strong organizational support for its mission and work. Launch Your PMO addresses the real-life lessons that come from living through both successes and failures. The tips and techniques shared in this advanced management workshop include steps you can take to boost PMO Setup and get your PMO off to a strong start. During the workshop, participants actually begin the work of writing a PMO charter that can build stakeholder support. Common pitfalls and steps to avoid them are clearly covered. Take this workshop and design a PMO that your organization will appreciate and use.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1/2 Day/Lecture & Lab
This management workshop will benefit anyone who is involved in a PMO implementation: PMO director or manager, PMO Sponsor, PMO staff, Functional Managers and Executives with project responsibility, Portfolio Managers, and anyone who uses projects to execute Business Strategy.
  • PMO Fundamentals
  • PMO Benefits - Business Value of the PMO
  • PMO Challenges - Where things can go really wrong
  • Types of PMO Organizations
  • What the PMO can do to make a difference
  • Where the PMO fits in the organization
  • Establishing the PMO
  • PMO as Change Agent
  • Building stakeholder support for the PMO - Organizational Adoption
  • Value of the PMO Charter
  • How to develop an effective charter
  • Exercise: Write a first draft of your PMO Charter
  • Dos and Don'ts of PMO Implementation

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