Leading People to Embrace Change

Training Summary
As we all know, change is seldom welcome and is often fought. Many technology projects, although planned and executed flawlessly, have nonetheless gone down in flames due to the unwillingness of the intended audience to accept the accompanying change. This course explains specific strategies and actions that help ensure that the intended targets of change are able and willing to embrace it. Participants are led through a series of exercises, each of which contributes to an understanding of how to develop and execute a plan for organizational adoption. This includes completion of an organizational readiness assessment, development of a marketing campaign and establishment of governance structures designed to oversee and institute the change. Participants are shown how to leverage the good intent and high standards that are common in most people, and convert resistance to change into acceptance of management's plan. Learning Objectives include:
  • When a Management of Change effort is necessary
  • How to define the scope of change
  • How to conduct stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Management roles and responsibilities in an Organizational Adoption project
  • Techniques useful for gaining stakeholder alignment with intended change
  • Planning for Organizational Adoption
  • Enrolling stakeholders in the transition
  • Sustaining change in the long term
This course assumes some experience with implementation of change. Familiarity with project management principles is helpful but not required.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is extremely helpful to anyone responsible for the successful management of Organizational Change including Executive teams, Functional Managers with project responsibility, Project Management Office staff, Project Managers, and Managers of Project Managers.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • Overview of Organizational Change
  • Understand the Change
  • Know the People
  • Plan Organizational Change as a Project
  • Lead the Transition
  • Maintain the Change

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