Leading Virtual and Remote Teams

Training Summary
The transition from the traditional team structure to virtual teams, where some team members are dispersed across geographies, time zones, business units, or organizations has led to new challenges for the team manager.Virtual team structures place an even greater premium on soft skills. Team-building (to overcome the feelings of isolation of remote team members), communication and other interpersonal skills (for giving feedback at a distance), process management and negotiation skills are all now of paramount importance, as is the ability to leverage technology by developing team protocols and operating guidelines.The ability to effectively lead a virtual team is fast becoming an essential competency for the modern manager. This course is designed to provide you with practical tips, tools and strategies for maximizing the cohesiveness and productivity of your virtual team.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for anyone who leads or participates in a virtual team. Key members of a virtual team, who are not in a management position, will be given the skills to give upwards feedback to influence the development of effective team processes.
Course Topics
  • A leadership model for the virtual team
  • Leveraging virtual technologies
  • How do we grow a winning team?
  • How to run an effective virtual meeting

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