Lean Thinking for Improved Service and Efficiency

Organizations in the public sector, non profit, or private sector are continually facing the challenge of saving money and providing improved service to customers with existing resources. In todays economic climate this takes on even greater importance. All too often there is a lack of understanding about what activities really add value for clients. In addition, existing processes have bottlenecks, delays, re-work steps or built-in waste."Lean thinking" is a simple yet powerful approach to looking at the way you do things in order to make significant improvements. It can be applied to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of any activity, program, product or service. Going lean is also a great way to become greener.This workshop will provide you with the understanding you need to start seeing your workplace, project or program in a different way. You will harness the power of lean through a highly interactive and fun game that runs throughout the day. It will inspire you to find your own better way of doing things and equip you with basic knowledge to implement a simple lean initiative.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Managers, supervisors, team leads and anyone within an organization that wants to find ways to improve efficiency and/or quality of service. This workshop is primarily aimed at knowledge workers in government, non-profit organizations, healthcare, and the private sector. Those in the manufacturing sector will also gain a useful introduction to lean thinking from this.
  • Background
  • Lean Thinking
  • Next Steps

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