Liferay Portal for Developers

This course is a comprehensive and practical approach to building portals with the Liferay platform. It will take the student from their first exposure to Liferay through to the crucial day-to-day tasks of building and maintaining an enterprise portal that works well within an existing IT infrastructure. A portal is a website built around a collection of components that request, display, and share information. Liferay Portal, an enterprise-ready development platform, makes it easy to build portals that integrate with existing backend systems and provide a rich interactive user experience. Because Liferay uses standard Java and JavaScript, along with built-in SOAP and JSON support for web services, developers can be productive immediately after the class. The course will show the students how to build basic Liferay portal applications using Java and JavaScript. In addition, it will cover social features, tagging, and ratings. The Portlet 2.0 API will be used to create custom themes and reusable templates. Additional topics include Liferay APIs to build social and collaborative sites, use the message bus and workflow, implement indexing and search.
Java programming and Web development
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Developers, Designers, and anyone interested in portal development programming.
The Liferay Difference::Getting Started with the Liferay Development Platform::A Data-Driven Portlet Made Easy::MVC the Liferay Way::Designing a Site with Themes and Layout Templates::Making a Site Social::Enabling User Collaboration::Hooks::Extending Liferay Effectively::A Tour of Liferay APIs

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