Linux Admin and Troubleshooting

Training Summary
This course delves into the many areas of administrative concern for Linux administrators. This course is for help-desk and LAN administrators who are supporting RHEL based workstations and servers on an Intranet network. Students are shown how to recover from installation errors, partition and file system errors, file and selinux permission errors, user configuration errors, bootup errors, networking errors and issues, software configuration errors and chasing down basic application errors. These are the common errors new administrators face on an irregular basis.The course lets students discover the various issues of managing and maintaining Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and via hands on experience, progressively adds the tools and tips for recovery as each area of trouble is examined.The starting point is in developing a working knowledge of the various system configuration files and establishing baseline knowledge of your system for comparison, understanding how to establish the baseline for any given RHEL system and how to find and recover changes to your system relative to the baseline. From there students are shown the regular areas of system management, the related various errors and tips on troubleshooting these errors.This course does not cover Internet facing network services such as DNS, DHCP, e-mail and proxy services. Sophisticated network attacks are also NOT considered.
This course assumes students have a minimum knowledge level of basic administration of a RHEL host equivalent to the SA2 class or RH131/RH133. This course is also for anyone with years of experience administering any other UNIX variant who wants to understand some of the Linux specifics. Students should already be well versed in networking and network services, users, user accounts, installation, setup and security on any RHEL operating system version. This means students should have 3-6 months minimum experience with working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux installing, configuring and managing users and software. Programming experience would be an asset as well.
3-5 Days/ Lecture & Lab
This is fast paced, boot camp style, introductory level course designed specifically for RCHT level Administrators with a fair level of Linux experience wanting to develop significant new technical abilities. All Linux support staff, administrators, operators, help-desk staff and networking specialists would benefit from this course.This course is more effective than months of on the job training and individual study.
Course Topics
  • Linux Troubleshooting Overview
  • Installation and Rescue Tips
  • Troubleshooting Utilities, SCM, IDS
  • Software Management using RPM, YUM
  • Log File and Print Maintenance
  • Linux Filesystem problems and recover
  • System Initialization and Service troubleshooting
  • User account, PAM Issues and Tactical Recover
  • Network Configuration Issues
  • Kernel Issues and Troubleshooting Tips
  • Sniffing and Scanning Tools
  • Kernel Tuning, Process Repair and Recovery
  • Software and application troubleshooting
  • Open Source Available Troubleshooting Tools

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