Linux Debugging and Troubleshooting

In this course students will learn how to debug, analyze, and/or troubleshoot problems using the wealth of tools and utilities available for the GNU/Linux kernel.
Students should have technical experience with at least one operating system such as Windows, Mac OS X, Netware, UNIX, or a proprietary operating system.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for computer and IT professionals who need to debug, analyze, and/or troubleshoot problems.
  • Introduction to GNU/Linux Debugging
  • System Debugging Tools
  • Hardware Debugging Tools
  • User-Mode Debugging Tools
  • gdb Debugging
  • Using /proc for Debugging
  • Kernel-Mode Debugging
  • More on dmesg
  • Debugging System panics
  • Watchdog Timer Debugging
  • Building a Kernel for Debugging
  • oprofile Debugging
  • SMP Debugging Issues
  • kdb - Kernel Debugger
  • kgdb - GNU Kernel Debugger

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